EDGEWATER, N.J. – Released three times after snatching items from sellers he met on the LetGo and OfferUp apps, an Edgewater man did it again, police said.

This time, 19-year-old Joshua Emmanuel offered to buy a gold necklace the seller offered on LetGo – then snatched it from the victim’s hand and ran, Police Chief Donald Martin said.

It was the third time since January that Emmanuel lured sellers to town only to steal their merchandise, Emmanuel said.

He was arrested after a similar incident in Englewood last April and spent nearly seven months in the Bergen County Jail.

The last two times, however, Emmanuel was released under New Jersey’s 2017 bail reform law, records show.

A detention hearing was scheduled Sunday to determine whether Emmanuel should remain in the county lockup following his arrest Saturday.

Police urge buyers who arrange to meet strangers to do so at their nearest police station for their safety.