Since the inception of New Jersey Bail Reform, many in the industry have simply given up and walked away. Unlike most, Broadway Insurance & Surety Company has been actively involved in reversing this dreadful law. Initially, we hired one of the most prominent lobby firms in the state, the Advocacy & Management Group (AMG). AMG will help us coordinate our efforts with politicians and other influential groups to assure that the New Jersey Bail Reform Law is repealed.

We have already met with numerous law enforcement groups across the state such as; Police, Sheriffs, Wardens, and others, who also believe that the New Jersey Bail Reform is a failure. Furthermore, we have also met with several influential legislators and have gained their commitment to implement a reform bill.

With the assistance and support of these groups, we are forming an immense coalition to overturn the present law. Unlike most, we will not abandon the state and the surety industry! We are very confident that the bail industry will prevail and surety bail will return.

Our doors are opened to anyone that is interested in working with us!

If you would like to take action, please call Mike or Tony at 973-852-2000


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